Drugstore Haul – elf, L.A. Girl, Wet n Wild

Happy Friday! Today’s post will be about my drugstore haul. I’ve accumulated all of these products over the past month and a half in order for me to try them out and give my opinions. One of these products was actually in my monthly favorites for November because of how much I liked it. So, if you’re interested in seeing what all I got from the drugstore, just keep reading!

This first product is the L.A. Girl Pro Contour Cream Duo in Light ($5.99). I have never used any cream products like bronzer, blush, or highlighter. I’ve noticed that with the colder months coming, my skin is extremely dry. I barely have to powder my foundation right now. So, I decided to try out cream products in a very affordable way. I have used this a couple times since then and I’m on the fence about it. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn’t. I feel like I have to spend so much time blending it out that it defeats the purpose and I’d rather go back to powder. I think for the price, it wasn’t bad to try out. I don’t think I’ll be using the concealer half of this duo very much. I mainly bought it for the contour anyway.

I bought this product to go with the contour duo. This is the elf Small Stipple Brush ($3.00). I am the first to say that most elf brushes are great quality. There’s no reason to buy $50 brushes or a brush set for $360 (*cough* *cough* Kylie Jenner). I have around 4 elf brushes and they all work perfectly fine. I’d rather spend my money on makeup instead of the brushes to apply it with. If I don’t continue to use the cream contour, I will use this brush for blush or powder contour.

The next product is the Wet n Wild Perfect pout Gel Lip Liner in Bare to Comment ($2.99). I have been looking for a good drugstore lip liner for awhile. I really don’t like wooden liners because of how hard they are on the lips. I tried a couple from Milani’s and they both broke the second I put a little pressure on them to apply the color. This lip liner is a perfect nude that can be used under almost every color. These have so much pigment to them and they glide on really easily. I wish they offered more colors but hopefully they will in the future. I think this is my newest favorite lip liner formula!


This is the Flower Beauty Ultimate 3-in-1 Blending Sponge ($8.98). I love this sponge! I definitely prefer it over the Real Techniques sponge. The Flower Beauty one is SO soft and blends product out so well. I will usually apply my foundation with a Morphe stippling brush and then use this sponge all over my face to make sure everything is really blended in and perfect. I have used this so much and have washed it a lot too; there haven’t been any breaks or tears! It’s so soft but still a little dense in order to blend the product in well. I really recommend this sponge over the Real Techniques one!

Next is the L.A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Snuggle ($3.99). I have really been checking out L.A. Girl’s brand as a whole so of course I had to try out their matte lipsticks. I’ve worn this one about 3 times to work and I like it! It’s very comfortable on the lips because it has a slight sheen to it. It does transfer but that’s not a problem for me if it’s a lighter shade. I typically go for complete matte lips if I’m wearing a super dark, bold color. I think L.A. Girl came out with a good range of lipsticks to start off with. Iw wouldn’t say that you need to immediately go out and try this lipstick but if you’re looking for a drugstore priced lipstick, I’d either go for this brand or the Wet n Wild ones.

Lastly, this is the best find of the entire haul. This is the L.A. Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil ($6.00). This brow pencil has replaced all of my brow products, including my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil and powder. The spoolie on the pencil is amazing and so is the tip of the pencil. The spoolie brushes through the brows really well and the brow pencil tip is so thin that it’s very easy to draw the hairs in. A lot of product comes in the pencil and it also comes in many different shades. I think everyone should go and get this pencil and try it out. It’s great!

That’s all for my drugstore haul! There were some losses but mostly wins in this haul and I was very excited to share it with you all! Have any of you guys tried any of these products? Let me know! Thank you for reading!


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