Favorite Winter Lipsticks

Hello makeup lovers! Today’s post is going to be all about my favorite winter lipsticks! Fall semester of college is over so I’ll be home for a little over a month! I’m hoping to be able to put a lot of time into my blog and interact with my followers more during this time. I have officially given myself a schedule for my posts: every Tuesday and Friday! And who knows, because school is out, I might throw in a couple extra posts. Okay, enough with the updates. Now onto the important stuff: lipsticks. If you’re interested in seeing what lipsticks I love wearing in the winter, just keep reading!

My first and favorite winter lipstick is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Spice ($18). I bought this lipstick a couple months ago in my lipstick haul. This is the perfect rosy color with a hint of brown in it. The formula is a comfortable matte that fades gracefully. It lasts around 5 hrs until I have to start re-adding color to the middle of my lips. To me, it’s worth it for how comfortable and perfect of a shade it is!

Next up is another Anastasia Beverly Hills lip product. This is the ABH Lip Gloss in Kristen ($16). This is described as a cool desert sand shade. The pigment is AMAZING in these lip glosses. It perfectly covers the lips without being too goopy or sticky. It lasts around 3 hrs before I have to reapply it but thats expected with a gloss. This nude gloss goes with almost any outfit. It’s so easy to throw on and look like you spent hours doing your makeup. A cheaper alternative would be the NYX Butter Glosses as well. I have yet to find an exact dupe for this shade though.

This is the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Leo. This is my favorite brown nude lipstick. It works really well with my light complexion. The only part of this lipstick I don’t like is the applicator. It is in the shape of a seat in order to fit around the lips well but I just find that product goes up to the tip of the applicator and prevents me from getting a really smooth line around my lips. I always find myself having to go back and fix it. This is a very matte lipstick. I like to wear darker shades like this as long as the formula is matte just so that I know it won’t go anywhere. This lipstick STAYS on your lips. It is very hard to get off which is a good and bad thing. I think if he changed the applicator, I would buy more lipsticks from him.

Next is a more comfortable lip option. This is the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Musk (prices vary). I’m pretty sure Bite Beauty discontinued this formula but I’m only mentioning it because you can still find it at certain stores. I found mine at Marshalls for $9. This is a very comfortable formula that adds a little shine to your lips. This is kind of like a “your lips but better” type of shade. It’s almost like a tinted chapstick. I always keep this shade in my purse because it’ll go with any outfit. I love it!

Next up is a lip liner from Colourpop in the shade 951 ($5). This was a collaboration with ILUVSARAIII a couple months ago. This lip liner is the perfect shade to put under any lip product or just to wear alone. I love wearing this and then adding the gloss that I mention later in this post on top of it. Colourpop’s lip liners are very creamy last a long time. Not to mention that they have almost every color possible. I always recommend these lip liners if people want an affordable, good quality product.

This is the Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color in Pink Taupe ($18). I never hear anyone talking about this lip product. I tried this lipstick out when Ulta had it on sale awhile back. This lipstick is sooooo easy to apply and it stays on forever! In fact, I even wore this lipstick to prom! That definitely means it lasts a long time. It is a comfortable matte that is very creamy. It immediately gives off pigment the second you start applying it to your lips. The shade is a perfect rosy mauve color that I am obsessed with. I really recommend checking out this line!


This last product is basically what gets me through winter time. This is a clear gloss that hydrates and moisturizes your lips. This is the C.O. Bigelow Vanillamint Supreme 2X Lip Shine($8). I have had this one tube for 4 months and have not even gone through it yet. I use this multiple times a day, every day. It’s always in my purse. I can tell I’m about to have to buy a new one because it’s getting difficult to get any product out! I love putting on a matte lipstick or liner and then adding this gloss on top. It’s a perfect combo!

That’s all for my favorite winter lipsticks! As you can tell, I really love dark nudes for the winter. They are so easy to match with any outfit. I rarely go very bold in the winter! All of these are very comfortable to wear even if you have dryer lips because of the cold weather. If any product is too matte for you, simply add a clear gloss to fix it!

Thank you for reading! If you have any recommendations for other lip products or have tried and of the mentioned lipsticks above, let me know!

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