Morphe Officially in Ulta – First Impressions & Swatches on 25B Bronzed Mocha Palette

The day has finally come that Morphe is in Ulta! I know we’ve all been waiting to use our points and not have to pay the high shipping prices. Of course, the whole Morphe collection won’t be in stores for awhile; they just got started! I saw the Jaclyn Hill palette, 350 palette, 25A palette, and 25B palette. They also had around 7 types of brushes but everything was sold out and I got the last 25B Bronzed Mocha palette! I wasn’t expecting to find anything to be honest. So, if you’re interested in reading my first impressions on the Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette ($18), just keep reading!

First, I want to talk about the new Morphe packaging! They did an entire re-branding that I think looks more high-end. I love it! I really think the Jaclyn Hill palette was the start of an entirely new brand for them. I think the black and white is very sleek and so was the packaging the actual palette was in!

Another new addition Morphe made is naming their shades! I showed a picture of the naming sheet on top of the colors and then also on top of the black in order for you to fully see the names. I think Morphe is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. I can’t wait to see what else will be coming to Ulta stores!

Now for the swatches…


The first row has your basic matte cream and transition shades. I always hit pan on these kind of shades before any others because of how often I use them. They aren’t the most exciting, but they’re definitely necessary for any eye look.


The second row is a little darker to help deepen up your outer corner. I like how there are warm, cool, and berry tones. That’s the main reason why I went for this palette instead of the 25A palette. I really like chocolatey and berry tones, especially for the fall/winter.


The third row is my favorite! These are all PERFECT shimmer shades for me. The second and third shimmer are similar shades in the Jaclyn Hill palette and I use them almost every day! These are what really sold me on this palette. The swatches are amazing; you can tell by the picture above!


The fourth row is just an extra row of dark mattes and then the last shade is a dark purple that has some glitter in it but it is not a shimmer shade. I’m not really a fan of the third shade because it just looks like a muddy shade with some yellow in it. I don’t usually use shades like this because they always make me look tired. Other than that, I really like the diversity of this row!


This is the last and darkest row. Most are matte except for the very first shade. I think the only shade this palette is missing is a deep brown/black. The shade on the end is pretty dark but it is more cool toned to where it won’t really be good for liner. I usually like to go in with a black shade for that. I’m really happy they put in a dark berry toned color. I’m really trying to put more berry tones into my routine because of how good they usually look with green eyes.

I’ve been interested in this palette since Morphe first came out with the clear packaging. I am so happy that this is one of the first palettes they decided to bring to Ulta! The Jaclyn Hill palette was my first Morphe product so I don’t know what their formula was like before but I can say that the formula in this 25B palette is the same as in the JH palette. They are very creamy, pigmented, and soft to the touch. Morphe’s shimmer shades stay fully pigmented on the eyes all day and I don’t expect anything less from this palette. This is the first eyeshadow palette I have bought where I can fully say that I will use every shade on a regular basis. I know it seems like a very basic palette but everyone needs at least one in their collection to use for “every day” type of looks.

That’s my first impressions and swatches on the Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette! What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you think that it’s good that Morphe will be in Ulta? What products do you own from Morphe? Let me know!


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7 thoughts on “Morphe Officially in Ulta – First Impressions & Swatches on 25B Bronzed Mocha Palette

  1. beautyonabudget94 says:

    I really like their new packaging ❀ I have a love-hate relationsship with Morphe, as I enjoyed their products, but not so much their marketing strategies with the whole influencer thing. But so far I have 35O palette, which I really enjoyed. i saw Thomas Halbert showing some new Morphe palettes in his videos, and they looked really nice πŸ˜€

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