Tarte Clay Play Face and Eyeshadow Palette Review – Worth It?

Today I will be writing about an eyeshadow palette that really blew up when it first came out. Many people bought it just because its a “Back to Basics” type of palette. Almost everyone uses at least one matte eyeshadow for their looks and this product seemed to have all the shades you would need. It also has three contour/bronze shades to choose from which can also be eyeshadows. If you’d like to see my opinion on the newest Tarte eyeshadow palette, just keep reading!

The palette I am talking about is the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette ($46). It consists of 9 matte eyeshadows and 3 matte contouring powders. The palette is split up into mini-quads that correspond with the undertone of the contouring shades. The first quad is the warm-toned shades, the second quad is the cool-toned shades, and the third quad is the deeper-toned shades. It basically sets up an easy go-to look you can create all in one palette. The packaging on this palette is absolutely stunning. The colors and line pattern is so unique. I was pretty surprised that Tarte came up with something like this!

Let’s be honest, these aren’t new shades that no one has ever seen before. Most of these shades are in almost every palette. What makes this palette unique is that it has every color you’d NEED for a matte palette. I think if someone got a palette like this and then a palette with all shimmer shades, they’d be set. Of course, that’s for people that don’t collect makeup and own 10+ palettes. These shades are so pigmented…. sooo pigmented. The black shade, Onyx, is the blackest black I own. I love matte looks when I’m getting ready for class or work in the morning because of how easy they are to blend.  You don’t have to worry about fallout and the quads make it so easy for picking out which shades to use. Because it comes with bronzing shades as well, it has a 2-in-1 factor that is great for traveling. The one issue I have with this palette is the fact that when I applied the warm bronzing shade, Terracotta, and tapped the excess off multiple times, it STILL applied way too much product. I had to blend it out for about 5 minutes just on one cheekbone and then I had to put my face powder over it to tone it down. To me, it is just a little too pigmented to be able to have fun with it. When I’m doing my makeup, I don’t like to have to worry about issues like that especially if I tapped the excess off at least 3 times. It was frustrating but now I know exactly what to do to work with it. Other than that, I really enjoy the shade selection of it.


I did not want to swatch the entire palette but above are a few of my favorite shades from it. From top to bottom it is: Terracotta (bronze the face or crease shade), Onyx (deepen up out corner or eyeliner), Sand (eyelid primer setting shade or brow bone highlight), Dunes (crease shade), and Stone (crease shade or deepen up outer corner). These swatches are after dipping into the palette only once.

I really like this palette and recommend it only if you don’t have these shades in other palettes or if you really like Tarte’s formula. I have multiple palettes from them and I love them all. I have hit pan on multiple shades in the Tartelette in Bloom palette! I don’t recommend the palette if you already have an all matte palette like the Kat Von D one. I think you can get very similar shades from both.

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you own it? Do you plan to buy it? Let me know!


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5 thoughts on “Tarte Clay Play Face and Eyeshadow Palette Review – Worth It?

    • Kenzie's Beauty Blog says:

      I did notice a little more fallout with the warm-toned shades than the cool-toned shades. The black shade has no fallout. The bronzer shade has a little but like I said in the post, it’s very pigmented so you’d have to tap off the excess quite a bit! I’ve heard that this palette is easier to use than the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette. Hope this helps!


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