My New FAVORITE Foundation – Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte

Hello makeup lovers! I am so excited to write today because I think I have officially found my Holy Grail foundation! I have been on the hunt for this ever since I fell in love with makeup and I think I finally got it! I have to say, I never thought it would be a foundation that has a fragrance. In fact, I stayed away from those for a very long time. When I saw that Too Faced had come out with a whole peach-themed collection, I was a little skeptical. At first I thought that they overdid that whole theme. But, I really was surprised when I saw the products in person. This is the only product I bought from the collection so far. So, if you are interested in seeing why this foundation is my new favorite, just keep reading!

This is the Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation in shade Snow from the Peaches and Cream Collection ($36). I never knew what comfort matte was until I got this foundation. It is not dewy, but it’s definitely not completely matte either. I have oily skin throughout my T-zone but normal skin around my face. This foundation is perfect if you have combination skin. This is a foundation that I use powder on just to make sure the dewiness doesn’t get too much for me. I am in the lightest shade Snow, which surprisingly is not the same shade as Snow in the Born This Way foundation line. Snow in the Comfort Matte collection is darker than in the Born This Way line. I have a friend that is unfortunately not able to try out this foundation because even though she is Snow in Born This Way, it doesn’t match her in Comfort Matte. There are 12 shades in this collection and I’m hoping they expand it like they did with the Born This Way collection.

This foundation has 1.6 fl oz!!! That is 0.6 ounces more than a typical foundation! For the price being lower than other foundations in their line (Born This Way is 1 fl oz and $39), I think the amount and pricing is pretty great. It comes in a plastic squeezey tube that has a pump. I am so happy it has a pump!! I have had this foundation for about a month, and the tube hasn’t gotten too messy; I will still clean it every once in awhile. Another small issue, like I sort of mentioned earlier, is the shade range. There are not many options for very fair or very deep skin tones. If this collection stays as popular as it is right now, I do think they will expand. I just think with brands like Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty, with 40+ shades, other brands should be joining that.

This foundation blends out like a dream. It covers up acne pretty well, sometimes I have to add another layer to certain parts of my face. The foundation adds a nice glowiness to the skin while keeping my oils at bay. My bronzer and blush blend really nicely on top of it. It claims to have a wear time of 14 hours, but I have never worn it that long. I have probably worn it close to 12 hours, and it still looks great. Some days I can be oily around my chin and forehead but I don’t expect a foundation to be able to look just as good as it did when I first put it on.

In my opinion, this is a great foundation for my skin type. There are no oils in it and the peaches and cream smell is not strong at all. I brought this foundation and ONLY this foundation when I went back home for four days. I wore it everyday and loved it! It wears beautifully and it’s one of those products that I can always rely on to look great. If you have a similar skin type to me, I really recommend this foundation. I know this is one I will be buying over and over again!

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on this foundation? Do you have it already or plan to buy it? Do you own anything from the Peaches and Cream collection? Let me know!


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