Disappointing Products – Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow & Liquid Camouflage Concealer

Hi everyone! I hope your day is going well. Today I am going to talk about two disappointing products from Catrice cosmetics. I had heard so many good reviews about both of these products on Youtube. So, when I saw that Catrice was buy one get one 50% off, I decided to try these products out. If you’re interested in seeing why these products disappointed me, just keep reading!

The first product I got is the Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in Under Treasure 040 ($4.99). It is a mixture of silver and gold. I thought this would be gorgeous as an all over lid color. Plus, I’m really trying to explore more of the drugstore side of Ulta. When I got it home and swatched it, it didn’t seem very pigmented. It looked like it would be more of a topcoat than an all over eyeshadow. So, I made an eye look out of eyeshadows that I know work well. I used the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette to create an everyday brown eyeshadow look. Then I put applied the Liquid Metal eyeshadow all over the lid with my finger and it wasn’t really popping as much as I wanted it to. I went ahead and wore it throughout the day. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 3 hours before the glittery-ness faded away. I will probably wear this shadow as an everyday shade only if I know I won’t have to wear it all day.

Above you can see how it looks pigmented but very thin. I actually went over the swatch 3 times in order for you to be able to see the color well. Even though I only paid a couple dollars for it, I still had high expectations from the reviews I saw.

Next product is the Liquid Camouflage Concealer in Porcelain 010 ($5.99). I am currently on the hunt to find the best drugstore concealers (there will be a post soon about this! Keep a look out!). I bought this because it is considered a best seller and waterproof. When I got home and tried it on my skin, I was not amazed. It smells very perfume-y and the smell never goes away. They also misspelled “Porcellain” on the sticker! It did not cover any of my acne considering it is called “full coverage” and claims to cover tattoos.

It seemed to emphasize my texture and made my oily skin look very dry. There are also only 3 shades in this concealer! I am not pleased with this product at all. I was interested in the HD Full Coverage Foundation by Catrice but now that I’ve tried out the concealer, I don’t think I will be picking that one up.

Overall, I do not recommend these two products from Catrice. I am disappointed and feel like I wasted my money. I will probably rarely wear the eyeshadow and I plan on taking the concealer back to get my money back. Other drugstore brands at Ulta I DO recommend are Wet N’ Wild, essence, and Milani.

Thank you for reading! Have you tried anything from Catrice? What are your thoughts? Let me know!


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