Smashbox Shadow + Highlight Palette Set Review

Today I want to review the NEW Smashbox Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette Set! When I saw this on the Recently Added section of Ulta’s website, I immediately bought it. It is such a good deal! The whole set costs $39. This set is in collaboration with Ana Strumpf; she wanted to inspire creativity and fun with makeup! This is why the packaging on the palettes are not the usual ones. They are still very cool and change picture if you move them back and forth. If you’d like to see what all is in the set and my opinions on it, just keep reading!


This set includes:

What sold me on this set was the Ablaze palette and mini Casey Holmes highlighting palette! I think the Ablaze palette  is PERFECT for fall and I am a long time supporter of Casey so of course I wanted to get this! The sultry palette is just a bonus to be honest. I am not a big cool toned lover! I will of course try it out and see what looks I can come up with; I am really interested in that deep purple shade! The fact that the eyeshadow palettes are full size is amazing. Each palette alone costs $29. A full size highlighting palette is $35. This whole set is $39! I am usually not a sucker for holiday collections but this one was too tempting. I am also considering this my birthday present to myself! Now onto the swatches!


This highlighting palette is so cute! I always swatch the full size one every time I go into Ulta, but I could never convince myself to get it! It was like a match made in heaven when I saw this in the set as a mini! I am very happy that Smashbox included the palette in Pearl instead of Gold because Gold has shades that are too dark for me – especially for the winter.


Here are the swatches with flash and without. These are perfect shades for me! I always go for a champagne or pink highlight and this palette has both! While swatching, I noticed that the middle shade, Crank It Up, is the smoothest out of the three. It felt extremely soft and the others felt a little chunkier. All three blended out very nicely so I guess the texture in the pan did not affect it. I like how this palette has shades ranging from subtle to blinding, day to night. I know I will be getting a lot of use out of this!


Because I don’t own the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, I thought this one would be a good substitute. This palette was out of stock for awhile when it first came out and I could never swatch it! I have always been drawn to orange eyeshadows; I think they’re perfect for fall! I do wish there was one more crease shade, maybe a light brown, just so I wouldn’t have to dip into another palette for a gradient effect but overall, I think I will be able to create many go-to looks with this palette.


I think these swatched so well! I barely dipped my finger into the shadows to get these pigmented swatches! I am usually skeptical of holiday sets because sometimes the quality is lowered in order for the prices to go down, but I don’t think that’s the case here. I am really impressed! I like that there is a cream/bone shade so I can set my primer too. When I look at this palette, I see myself doing either an all matte orange/brown look or a gold/cranberry look! I know I will be getting a lot of use out of it this fall!


I wasn’t as excited about this palette as the others. I have never been drawn to cool tones or purple shades. I am still going to try and see what looks I can come up with though! I do like that there are a decent amount of mattes in the palette. This one has a cream/bone shade just like the Ablaze palette! I know this palette will definitely help me get out of my comfort zone.


I’m… not very impressed with these swatches. The light gray matte shades are nice and so is the shimmer shade in the middle of those but the last three shades aren’t my favorite. They didn’t swatch very well even after going over them multiple times. They just kind of look patchy. I am hoping that it will be a different story when I use them on my eyes. I’m going to try and find tutorials with this palette in order to get some inspiration. Let me know what you think!

That’s it for this post! Overall, I am very happy that I bought this set. I love 2 out of the 3 palettes already and I am curious to see how the Sultry palette works out! Do you have any of these palettes? What did you think of the set? Comment below! Have a great day!


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