Drugstore Dupe for the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contouring Palette – Kokie Cosmetics

I am always trying to find dupes for high end products. I think that’s one of the most fun parts of makeup! Anytime I can save money and still get good quality, I’m all for it! Though I have never tried the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contouring Palette, I have swatched it multiple times. When I swatched the Kokie contouring palette, I knew it had good potential to be a dupe. So if you’d like to see my thoughts on this drugstore dupe, just keep reading!

I had only recently heard of Kokie; I even bought some of their matte lipsticks which you can see in my previous post. Kokie is a new brand to Walmart. They are typical drugstore prices which made me happy because some brands are making their prices a little too high to be considered drugstore. This is the Kokie Cosmetics Powder Contour Palette ($12.98). It comes with three highlight shades: a light skin tone one, a yellow one, and a peach one. These can all be used for setting or highlighting the face. The second row is all of the contouring shades: a cool toned one, a warm toned one, and a darker one for deeper skin tones. I used both the cool toned for contouring and the warm toned for bronzing. They applied very smoothly and was very easy to blend on top of foundation. I recommend this palette for anyone that is new to makeup or likes a face powder that you can build up.

As you can see, the colors are pigmented and actually look like the color in the pan. I had to layer some of the lighter shades in order for you to see them in the picture, but no one will ever want complete yellow or pink under their eyes. I am really pleased with this purchase! I wouldn’t be surprised if Kokie eventually came to Ulta for their drugstore section. They also offer a cream contour, but I am not big on cream products anyway. They also have multiple blush palettes that are probably just as great as the contouring powders. I know I can also use these shades as eyeshadows like crease shades or eyeshadow primer setting powders. I think this palette is definitely worth checking out!


Above is a comparison with the Kat Von D palette on top and the Kokie palette on bottom. They look so similar to me! The biggest differences is the price, $49 vs $13 and the fact that you can refill the Kat Von D palette. I still recommend picking up the Kokie one to try it out!

Thank you for reading! I love finding dupes and I couldn’t wait write about this one! What are your thoughts on this palette? Have you ever heard of Kokie before? Let me know!


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