My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite beauty youtubers. I know this is a little random but I am always interested in finding new people to follow so maybe you are too! I have been actively watching makeup videos for about a year now and follow around 30 people. I am very picky with who I follow; some people just don’t do makeup tutorials that I feel like I can create or talk about things that I can relate to. If you’re interested in seeing my favorite go-to youtubers, just keep reading!

This is Kathleen Lights (click here for her youtube) and I love her! She is the first youtuber that I ever followed! I watched her Modern Renaissance tutorial and immediately follow her. She seems very down to earth and not focused on fame. She has created lip products for ColourPop, an eyeshadow palette with Morphe, and now has her own nail polish line! She does tutorials, reviews, chatty videos, etc. She is very old school, which I like! She uploads three times a week and I look forward to every video.

This is Dani from CoffeeBreakwithDani (click here for her youtube). If you want to watch longer videos, like an hour long, I really recommend Dani! She is very inspiring and motivational. She posts get ready with me’s, tutorials, reviews, and weekend vlogs. She also posts multiple times a week! She is a very positive person and always posts good content! She has created a lip product with ColourPop and multiple eyeshadows with Lotus. She will add a pop of color sometimes but most of her looks are neutral or warm-toned so I can often re-create them.

This is for all of us pale girls out there! This is Taylor (click here for her youtube). She is very pale and also struggles with acne. I can relate to her very well. I always rely on her foundation reviews before I buy one and thats a pretty big deal. She posts tutorials, reviews, Foundation Fridays, and get ready with me’s. Her sense of humor is also very similar to mine. She is also not focused on the fame and is very trustworthy!

This is Jasmine (click here for her youtube). She is one of my go-to’s for reviews. I can always rely on her reviews to be honest. She is also in college and talks about the struggles of juggling that and makeup blogging/videos so I can relate to her too. She also does vlogs which I love! She is also vegan so it helps me to get tips on my diet! Her tutorials always inspire me to use more color or go really smoky and that’s why I love watching her!

Last and certainly not least, this is Bella (click here for her youtube). She is so funny! You can tell that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and that’s why I watch her. So many youtubers nowadays are too afraid to be themselves! She posts makeup tutorials, reviews, and she also does Mystery Mondays where she talks about unsolved crimes. It’s really interesting and different! She lives in Australia which is so cool because I have always wanted to go there. I really enjoy watching her videos!

That’s all for this post! I had a lot of fun thinking about who my top favorites are. I assure you that these are all great people to watch! I use makeup as a stress reliever from real life issues. It’s always great to find people that do the same. Thank you for reading! If you have any suggestions for new youtubers, let me know! I’m all for subscribing to new people!

*disclaimer: all photos came from each youtuber’s Instagram*


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14 thoughts on “My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

  1. Alice Alexandra Austin says:

    I’ve just recently discovered ‘sophdoesnails’ and I’m glad I did!! Most of her makeup tutorials are about drugstore products which is fantastic but she does also do the odd high end tutorial/review etc so she’s definitely worth a watch!! Xx

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