Disappointing Product – elf Cosmetics

Hello makeup lovers! Today I have a disappointing product post and it is from elf Cosmetics. I love this brand and everything it represents: great makeup for an affordable price. They are also cruelty free. However, I have found a product from elf that I do not like. It is the Beauty Shield Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum ($16). If you’d like to know why I decided to pass on this serum, just keep reading!


I was so excited when elf launched the Beauty Shield collection. It looked like high-end skin care for a good price! I decided to order this serum because I have read about makeup brands adding in some kind of pollution prevention into their products. Urban Decay came out with a primer that also has a similar effects. I thought I would try it out just to see if it made any difference. This is the description of it on elf’s website:

“This Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum is formulated with key antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Pomegranate Extract, to help refine, brighten skin tone, and protect against the effects of everyday environmental aggressors. Formulated Without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, or Alcohol.”

I was really intrigued by the “brighten skin tone” part. I did not see it make any positive changes to my skin. In fact, it broke me out in certain areas. I have always dealt with acne but I feel like this product made it worse. I immediately stopped using it after I noticed it did this.

I also thought that the price of this product was very surprising. It is $16! For elf, that is expensive. I am also annoyed that elf does not have a return policy. I hate when brands do this because to me, it is just a way to keep your money. I do not know what I am going to do with this product because I don’t want my money to go to waste.

Another part of this product that drew me in was the packaging. It looked very high-end. The bottle is heavy and a nice white with silver color. It looks very simple, which is what I like. It also has a dropper which also made it seem more expensive. It reminded me of the unicorn drops from Farsali that are pink and glittery. When I opened this product, the smell kind of threw me off. I usually expect skincare to smell nice. This smelled very chemically and I was very hesitant to put it on my skin. I did give it a fair chance by using it for a week but after my breakouts, I quit immediately. I do not recommend this product. I find it to be gimmicky and not worth the price.

Thank you all for reading! Sorry this post is so negative, I was just very disappointed with this serum. If you have tried anything from this collection, let me know your opinions! I am curious about the other products!


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