Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation

First off, that is one of the longest names for a foundation I have ever seen! If it actually does what the name says it will do, then I won’t be too mad about it though. This is the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation ($42). This foundation comes in 22 shades (!!!) and has 1.0 ounces in the bottle. I think the shade range is amazing! It can fit so many skin tones which is what many brands seem to miss. Now onto the actual foundation!

That is what the packaging and bottle looks like. It comes with a pump, thank goodness. The bottle is glass with a matte black cap on. I think it is very sleek and looks very high-end. I have always been a matte foundation kind of person. Because of my acne prone and combination skin, it is very hard to find a foundation that will perfectly fit all of my skin’s needs. I recently watched a youtube tutorial: on how to cover up acne but still look natural. She chose a more dewy foundation and concealer to cover up her imperfections. Because some acne spots can be very dry, it helps to keep that under control and not be as noticeable. I had never done this before so I decided to try it out with this foundation. Below is what Ulta says about this foundation:


  • Medium-to-full buildable coverage with a natural matte finish
  • Blurs imperfections with light-diffusing spheres
  • Stays put for 15 hours
  • Lightweight, comfortable feel
  • No touch-ups required
  • Exercise-resistant, sweat-resistant, and transfer-proof
  • Ideal for all skin types

Formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, oil, fragrance and talc.

It seemed to have many benefits for my skin type so I decided to try it as my first ever non-matte foundation.

shade in smashbox

I am in shade 1.15 which is described as a peach fair shade. I was really impressed with how specific their shade descriptions were.

On the swatch you can see that it does offer a nice glow to the skin. It seems very light-weight and sort of watery but when you blend it into the skin, that goes away and it leaves a nice finish. I chose a shade that was lighter than my body because my face never tans as quickly as my body. The description says it has a light matte finish but it is still hydrating so I do believe that it will be able to keep my oily skin from peeking through. I always carry a powder around with me just in case!

I can’t wait to try this foundation out for a couple weeks and give my full review! Thank you for reading! I really appreciate each and every one of my followers! I recently hit 100 followers which is such a big milestone for me. I never thought I would! Thank you again and please share your comments on this foundation or just any thoughts in general!


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