Real Techniques Brushes and Brush Cleaner Review/Collection

Hello lovelies! I just recently made my (weekly) trip to Ross and ran over to the makeup section because I can always find great products for up to 50% off! They have Bare Minerals, Elf, Real Techniques, and some great unknown brand products that have great pigmentation. I highly suggest going to your local discount store like Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx just to see what you can find! Today I’d like to talk about my Real Techniques brushes because I bundle with three brushes and a brush holder at Ross for $7.99 when the original is $20. Can’t complain about that steal!

all brushes

These are all of my Real Techniques brushes! From left to right: Powder Brush, Multitask Face Brush, Multitask Cheek Brush, Multitask Eye Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, and Bare Shadow Brush. How I use these brushes is: (left to right) all over face setting powder brush, blush brush, under-eye setting powder brush, crease blending brush, eyeshadow primer and setting powder for the eye brush, and another crease blending brush. Real Techniques brushes are some of the softest brushes I own and they are considerably cheap! I can usually find them at Walmart, if not discount stores. Don’t pay the overpriced IT Cosmetics brushes since these are the same quality for a lower price!

The Multitask Brush Set that I got from Ross also came with this brush holder for traveling! I really feel like I got my moneys worth with this set considering I have been needing a brush holder!

brushes in brush case

It can fit at least 6 brushes! Another thing I love about Real Techniques is the way they are all colored. I think the orange brushes are bigger face brushes, pink are for smaller area needs like highlighting, blushes, and setting powder. The purple brushes are definitely eye brushes. The brushes have a weight to them and a big handle so they don’t feel cheap at all. I love them!

Another subject I’d like to talk about is brush cleaners! I used to have the Sephora Clean Up Nice Antibacterial Spray ($15). This cleanser worked fine but I’d like to find a cheaper alternative if possible. Please help a girl out and comment below what you use to clean your brushes!

Thank you for reading! I hope this post introduced you to a new brand that can save you some money!


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