Anti-Haul: Makeup Products I Won’t Be Purchasing

A part of my daily routine is checking Youtube for new products from the beauty community. This is the only way that I can easily keep up with everything that goes on in the makeup world, because there is a lot! Sometimes it can even be stressful to think about. I saw these “anti-haul” videos going around and I thought they were interesting because not only do I wanna know what makeup artists ARE buying, I want to know what they AREN’T buying in case it can save me a little money! So if you’d like to see the products that I won’t be purchasing during this summer season, just keep reading!


To start this post off, I will be talking about the Kat Von D Shade+Light Glimmer Palette ($49, not yet released) and the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Perfume ($65 each). I love the Kat Von D brand. As soon as I finish up a couple of palettes, I will buy the Shade+Light Matte Palette! I won’t be buying the Glimmer palette because I know I would never make it through an all shimmer palette. I don’t put shimmers in the crease or on the outer v like I do mattes. I always like to be able to do a complete look with one palette instead of mixing palettes. The reason I won’t be purchasing the perfumes is because I currently just have way too many already! I am trying to go through all of my Victoria’s Secret perfumes from high school to have room for new ones. I really want to try the body splash mist from Bath & Body Works called At the Beach because I have heard great things about it!

pic 7

I am REALLY OVER Too Faced’s obsession with peach products. Yes, I LOVE a peach eyeshadow look during the summer but I don’t like it enough to have a whole collection surrounding it! Pictured above is the Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection: Bronzed Peach Bronzer ($30), Peach Frost Highlighter ($30), Peach My Cheeks Blush ($30), Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow palette ($45), and the Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray ($32). These will all be available August 28th. I am really confused about the peach eyeshadow palette considering they already have one? Seems like a waste to me. They already came out with a bronzer, highlighter, and blush trio palette so, again, I am confused on why they are expanding the line that already has enough peach infused products. Also, they JUST came out with a new facial setting spray.. and now another one? I just don’t get it. Too Faced is becoming very gimmicky to me at this point.

pic 6

Next is the Kylie Cosmetics The Wet Set Highlighting Palette ($62). Now don’t get me wrong, the swatches of this palette look AMAZING! It definitely caught my eye. The thing that has stopped me from buying this is the price! $62 for four highlighters??? That seems crazy to me. What bothers me more is that she can get away with it because this palette sold out in like 10 minutes! I’d love to have this in my collection but unfortunately my bank account can not afford it.

pic 14

This is the Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer ($40).  Stila is a great brand with some of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve tried. I have never tried their foundations though. I have heard it is kind of greasy and heavy. Both of which are not good for oily skin! I don’t know what it is but foundations and concealers in the same bottle just kind of gross me out. I also am against concealers in a pot because I don’t feel like they are very sanitary. The price is good for high-end and the amount you’re getting though!

These are the Juvia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palettes Volume I & II ($18 each). The Juvia’s Place eyeshadow formula is incredible and everything they produce swatch amazingly! When I first saw these, I was confused by the name of “blush palettes.” They seemed like crazy colors to put on my cheek/cheekbone. I am also pretty pale so all of these colors would look odd on me. Juvia’s Place is known for making palettes that are very colorful. I think these colors would look gorgeous on deeper skin tones. I just won’t be purchasing them for myself.

pic 3

These are the Huda Beauty Lip Strobes ($18 each). I wish that companies would stop coming up with different names for glosses. It’s a LIP GLOSS, stop making up silly names. It won’t make me want to buy it more. I have to admit, these shades are gorgeous. The reason why I won’t be buying them is because I have too many glosses. Plus, the Anastasia Beverly Hills glosses are cheaper ($16) and there are more shades.

More Too Faced products! This is the the Glitter Bomb Eyeshadow palette ($45) and the Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick ($21). Again, I really am not into all glitter palettes and I don’t need anymore lip glosses.

pic 8

Everyone knows what this product is: a beauty blender. I have never owned a beauty blender because there are so many drug store sponges that are cheaper and have more angles to blend parts of my face easier like under the eye and around the nose.  This is the Beauty Blender Pink and White Swirl Limited Edition ($20). I would rather spend my money on actual makeup instead of a sponge that has to be replaced every month or so.

pic 4Summer is usually the time that I like to have very bright nails, because usually I have black or a very deep shade on them during the winter and fall! I love ColourPop but I just have too many pastel nail polishes. Right now, I am into nude or bright shades and these just don’t fit that! These nail polishes are $6 each which is a very good price!

That’s it for my anti-haul! Sorry it’s long, I just have a lot of products that I don’t want to buy right now. I also have many that are on my wish list, though! Comment if you’d like for me to do a post on products I do want to buy! I always love reading those posts from other bloggers. Thank you for reading xx.

Do you know of any products that would be on your anti-haul? What’s on your wish list? Let me know!


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