My Discovered or Read About Makeup Tips

When I first started my obsession with makeup, all I wanted to know was how could I look like I had 10 years of makeup experience under my belt. I wanted it to be easy and not frustrating. Turns out, makeup can be difficult and DEFINITELY frustrating. Sometimes you’ll picture a look and think it will turn out great. Then, an hour or two of blending later, it’s the complete opposite of what you expected. So I thought creating this post about the top tips I used while I was (and still am) struggling would be helpful!

1. A White or Nude Color in the Waterline – this really helps open up the eyes and brighten up your look! A black will make your eyes look more smoky and closed. I do use black occasionally but I really try to brighten up my eyes because I have a case of the squinty eyes when I smile! A great eyeliner is the Tarte Fake Awake Eye Highlight ($20).

make lipstick last

2. Blotting Your Lipstick with Powder to Make it Last – to ensure that your lipstick lasts all day make sure that after you apply lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips, grab a powder brush and some face powder, and dab the brush over the tissue. By doing this, it will create a matte look that you won’t have to worry about all day!

complimentary eyeshadows

3. Enhancing Eye Color with Complimentary Eyeshadows – a great way to enhance your natural beauty is by using the right shades of eyeshadows for your eye color! Of course, I use any color I want to because that’s the beauty of makeup. But sometimes we want our eyes to pop!

4. Make Sure Your Lips are Lipstick Ready – your lips naturally get dry and have cracks in them. An easy way to hide that while having lipstick on is by exfoliating your lips first! Exfoliating also makes your lipstick application smoother and your lips look more plump. Who doesn’t want that? An easy recipe I use is:

  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar

fixing clumpy mascara.jpg

5. Fixing Clumpy Mascara – we all know the feeling of perfectly applying eyeshadow and liner, and then messing up the look with clumpy mascara. It’s awful. It feels like it can’t be fixed! Luckily, I know a way that it can! If you add two or three drops of eye drops to the tube, swirl your mascara wand around, it should be good as new! You can also do this to nail polish! The eye drops separate the clumps and make it a little more watery, making it seem like a brand new tube of mascara!

6. Adding a White Base to the Lid – adding a white base using a white eyeshadow crayon or eyeliner pencil helps to make any eyeshadow color pop. Instead of your skin tone, which automatically changes the eyeshadow shade, it is starting from a completely white base! Cover your entire lid (or the parts you really want to brighten) with the white color. Your lids should be even more colorful now! To make a look more smoky, add a black base. A cheap way to do this tip is by using the Nyx Eyeshadow Base ($6.99) in White or Black.


Thank you for reading! I hope these tips are as helpful to you as they were to me. Comment if you’ve done any of these tips or if you plan on trying them! Xx


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