My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products

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The importance of eyebrows has really shaped the makeup world. Some brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit have a whole line dedicated to brow products. Clearly, they must have some importance, right? Eyebrows are the first feature that I look at on someone’s face. They can be carved to perfection or have never even been touched by a brow product. Both are perfectly fine to me. Everyone’s eyebrows are different, and so are people’s preferences. In my opinion, Anastasia Beverly Hills has the best eyebrow products, and here is why:

image2 (1)

I currently own the Brow Definer ($23) in Soft Brown and the Brow Powder Duo ($23) in Soft Brown as well. I have inserted swatches above to show the shades. The swatch on the far left is the Brow Definer, the middle shade is the lightest color in the Brow Powder Duo, and the last shade is the darkest color in the Duo. Both products are very easy to use. If I want a more sculpted brow, I use the Brow Definer because of the sharp edge that helps create a more defined brow… hence the word “definer” in the name. It even has a spoolie to comb your brows with! On my more lazy days, I use the powder, which creates a softer look. I use the Luxie 215 Small Angle brush with this product. I enjoy both products equally and will definitely be purchasing again when I run out.


Another reason why ABH is a great eyebrow product brand is because they are cruelty free, and Benefit is not. That is a great plus to supporting this brand. There is a reason Anastasia Beverly Hills is famous for her brow products; they are great quality. I strongly encourage everyone to try out this brand!

Thanks for reading! Comment your experience with this brand or any other brow products that you recommend! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products

      • Kali Borovic says:

        Seriously though! I just recently made the swap to using all natural products, so I don’t have to worry about that. And yes! I feel like brands are too obsessed with getting products out and they aren’t thinking about the real people that wear them xx.


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