The Lancôme Matte Shakers

While on vacation, I of course had to go into the closest Sephora. Every Sephora is different, right? I came across the Lancôme Matte Shakers and was very interested. I had seen many reviews on youtube, one of my favorites was and they seemed intriguing. I swatched a couple and the two shades I was torn between were Peach Vintage and Beige Vintage. I ended up choosing Beige Vintage, because I’m a mauve loving girl.

I’d like to talk about the feel of the product first. When it is on your lips, it is kind of like an oil for the first 10-15 minutes. Then, without noticing, it turns into a lipstick. It is one that you can’t even feel on your lips. Those are my favorite. You can even personalize how much color you want on your lips! The more you shake the bottle, the more product will be on the sponge. They are very easy to apply and are very comfortable on the lips. The shade range is amazing, ranging from a bright orange or red to a nice nude color. They are $22 each which is on the mid-range for prices. I do believe they are worth it and I am giving it my stamp of approval.

Next is the wear test. Today, I definitely wanted to wear my newest makeup addition. I even matched my outfit to it! My family and I went to little beach side shops for most of our day. We walked in the hot sun, ate, and drank. Unfortunately, the Lancôme Matte Shakers did not last those conditions. While it stayed for the walking and shopping, it easily was wiped away by my eating and drinking. These lipsticks are not kiss-proof, which means they will rub off on a napkin or hand. I still believe they are worth it just for the product itself and the shades. I loved the packaging and whole shaking process. It makes makeup fun again!

Purchase it here and see for yourself!

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